“The Radically Candid Coach,” a New 4-Week Course Led by Kim Scott

Radical Candor
3 min readMay 13, 2020
The Radically Candid Coach

Torch, a leading coaching, mentoring and learning development platform for enterprise-level executives, employees and HR leaders, and Radical Candor, an executive education company co-founded by Kim Scott, author of the bestselling book Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, together announce the launch of a new month-long course called “The Radically Candid Coach.”

Participants of the course will attend virtual presentations from Scott and randomly selected participants out of the first 100 to register will have a chance to receive live personal coaching with Scott during the sessions. The course launches May 27 and will run for four weeks. Those interested can register now >>

The core of Radical Candor is a philosophy that teaches “Caring Personally while Challenging Directly.” The Radical Candor philosophy has spawned a global management revolution and has been used by companies like Luluemon, nonprofits like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and financial institutions like the Royal Bank of Canada.

“Every leader needs a safe place where they can be raw, imperfect and vulnerable without fear of reprisal. Kim Scott provides that safe place for me,” says Torch CEO Cameron Yarbrough.

“She brings all her gifts to bear, which include a wealth of business wisdom, and a fun, fierce personality. When I lost my dear friend, and Torch’s Chief Customer Officer Erik Bengsston, I turned to Kim. She perfectly balanced the empathy I needed with the tactical must dos that moved our company forward.”

The Radically Candid Coach

The Radically Candid Coach

Historically, Scott and her team at Radical Candor have taught this leadership philosophy through in-person or virtual keynotes and workshops, or licensed their content to companies and organizations to deliver internally to their employees.

This will be the advent of Scott’s entrance into a more public setting, targeting coaches and executive leaders who want to learn how to use the Radical Candor framework.

“Showing compassion is real work, and, like all real work, it is rewarding and also taxing. All over the world, leaders are being called upon to listen to stories that are hard to hear and to respond to emotions that are hard to witness,” Scott says.

“As a coach, manager or leader, this kind of emotional labor is integral to your success, but it’s not easy. The Radically Candid Coach is designed to give coaches the tools they need to support their clients, teams and themselves.”

It’s Time to get Radically Candid

Designed for coaches and trainers, but beneficial for any leader who wants to get a top-line education in Radical Candor, Scott will cover:

  • Session 1: Radical Candor Framework
  • Session 2: Getting, Giving, Gauging, and Encouraging Feedback
  • Session 3: Team Building
  • Session 4: Getting Stuff Done: How to Organize Work

The cost for “The Radically Candid Coach” course is $400 and open for registration now. All sessions will be recorded. View “The Radically Candid Coach” course outline.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Kim and her team at Radical Candor to bring ‘The Radically Candid Coach’ and Kim’s expertise to the public,” says Yarbrough. “This signifies a moment for Torch as we partner with one of the most influential coaches of our time to bring a taste of what coaching with Torch can feel like.”

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