6 Steps for Rolling Out Radical Candor On Your Team

Radical Candor

Step 1. Share Your Stories.

Step 2. Solicit Feedback: Prove You Can Take It Before Dishing It Out

Radical Candor

Step 3. Growth Management: Career Conversations

Radical Candor

Step 4. Perfect Your 1:1 Conversations

Make sure you are having regular, meaningful 1:1 conversations with your direct reports. First, make sure you actually have the meetings! We have to start at the beginning here because it’s simply not the case that all managers are holding regular 1:1s.

Step 5. Give Guidance & Feedback

Radical Candor
  1. We need to push through our discomfort with praise, especially when praising others requires us to recognize our own failures.
  2. Being specific and sincere is a real relationship-building opportunity. It helps people feel seen and appreciated while also getting a new perspective on their work. These moments act like deposits into the relationship bank.
  3. Praise includes a challenge as well as caring; the challenge for praise can be simply for that person to continue doing what they did well, or it could be to take that experience to a new project. Or teach what they did to others!
  4. Finally, praise in public. Public praise allows not only the recipient to know what to do more of, but also the rest of the team. There are a small number of people who are not comfortable with public praise. Honor that when it emerges.

Step 6. Gauge Feedback

Gauge the other person’s response by listening to what they say, observing their body language, look them in the eye, and asking yourself, “How do they seem to be feeling?” If you’re not sure, you can always ask how what you said landed.

Need more help practicing Radical Candor?

You need The Feedback Loop (think Groundhog Day meets The Office), a 5-episode workplace comedy series starring David Alan Grier that brings to life Radical Candor’s simple framework for navigating candid conversations.

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Radical Candor

Radical Candor

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