11 Ways To Get Feedback From Others

Feedback Radical Candor

It’s hard to get “real-talk” as the boss

  1. Be persistent. Convince your team you really do want to hear what they really think. Show them that your requests for criticism are genuine and that you sincerely appreciate it when they say what they think. Keep asking for criticism regularly. Try different approaches, venues, and situations. Whatever you do, don’t accept an environment where you aren’t getting the feedback you need to be successful.
  2. Reward the candor. It’s not enough to appreciate critique from your team, or not to get defensive. You have to reward the candor. People need to see and feel that there is a benefit to criticizing you.

Tip 1: Have a go-to question

Feedback Radical Candor
  • “How can I support you on this project?”
  • “What’s bothering you?”
  • “What’s the one thing you’ve been wanting to tell me but have been holding back?”

Tip 2: Embrace the discomfort

Feedback Radical Candor

Tip 3: Listen with the intent to understand, not to respond

Tip 4: Reward criticism to get more of it

Tip 5: Ask for public criticism

Feedback Radical Candor

Tip 6: Criticize yourself in public

Tip 7: Call out body language

Radical Candor Feedback

Tip 8: Relish being wrong

Tip 9: Show that you care

Tip 10: Don’t try to change your style

Tip 11: Get theatrical

“You were right I was wrong” prizes

Red box

Orange box

Management “fixit” weeks

Thoughts on employee surveys and online forums

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